Essential Facts about Neocell Super Collagen

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One of the things that people consider doing to address issues linked with premature aging is by collagen supplementation. Neocell Super Collagen is among the different skin care products in the market that help promote youthful appearance and smooth skin. By using this age-defying supplement regularly, individuals can expect to reap great benefits that this product offers.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the building block for your body’s major systems, and it is responsible for ensuring your skin’s firm and youthful look. While it is quite abundant in amount during one’s youth, your body tends to produce less natural collagen after you reach 25 years of age. The production of natural collagen slows down by at least 1.5 percent each year, and this also leads to existing collagen fibers to become more brittle. In fact, collagen breaks down and results to visible signs of aging such as loose and flaky skin, osteoarthritis, tendon and ligament injuries and wrinkles.

With the aid of skin care products such as Neocell Super Collagen, you can prevent all these conditions and ensure better health condition as you age. The secret to this is the supplements key components such as Collagen Types 1 and 3, which are about 90 percent of your body’s overall collagen supply. These are also the primary collagen components in your nails, tendons, muscles, bones, ligaments, skin and hair.

About the Company

Since 1998, Neocell has been enhancing its product quality and manufacturing processes, which allow them to provide their customers with the finest skin care and health supplements in the market. At present, the company is the leading collagen brand throughout the world, and it is recognized as the leader in nutritional science. While Neocell has progressed over the years, their sense of commitment to customers has never changed. Up to now, the brand continues to offer safe, effective and innovative nutraceutical supplements that people can rely on.

neocell super collagenNeocell collagen aims to promote healthy collagen that comes with the finest quality. Moreover, the company’s cGMP facility situated in Southern California contains advanced manufacturing equipment. It also has an in-house and reputable Research and Development Department.

By implementing a unique proprietary enzymatic process, the company maintains excellent standards in their products to ensure maximum absorption by the body. Thus, Neocell guarantees that the dosage of active ingredients in their products offer only the highest level of support to all their clients. Furthermore, the company applies ionic, elemental and pharmaceutical-grade microbial purification processes to their collagen-related products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Neocell Super Collagen

Super Collagen 1 and 3 contains 19 essential amino acids, which makes it a rich source of proline, hydroxyproline, glycine and alanine. When taken orally, the supplement can produce peptides and stimulate the body’s fibroblast cells to reorganize and make new collagen fibers. Hence, this can help build stronger connective tissues and skin matrix.

In addition, it provides certain amino acids that are important to replenishing the natural collagen of your body while minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. The product also improves your skin’s elasticity and corrects broken, weak and damaged nail beds. Other key benefits include the following:

  • Improved circulation
  • Quick healing of wounds
  • Healthier and more elastic connective tissues
  • Efficient burning of body fat even while you sleep

Neocell Super Collagen implements a state-of-the-art enzymatic hydrolyzation process that helps break large collagen molecules into peptides with low molecular weight, so these can become bioactive and bioavailable in the body. The product also contains hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline that are two important amino acids specific to your body’s collagen. These are not usually found in regular amino acid supplements, yet they are essential to collagen repair and production. With the help of hydrolyzed collagen 1 and 3, you can expect 90 percent absorption into your blood stream to stimulate cellular changes.

According to medical researchers, over 90 percent of collagen in the body is the collagen type 1 and 3. The protein components of this type of collagen include 19 amino acids that are responsible for the maintenance and growth of your body. On the other hand, collagen type-2 protein has 18 amino acids profiles that are parallel to the ones found in your joint cartilage. Since these two types of collagen have different amino acid profiles, it is recommended to take them at least one hour apart to ensure maximum benefits to your body.

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